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Outdoor Science and Adventure Camp

How to sign up for camp

Camp Registration - 2018: Campers are 9 as of January 1st to 13 years old.  Applications for campers are due May 1, 2018.
High School Staff:
Staff and Apprentice applications are due November 27. 2017  Camp Staff Application 2019   

Adult Volunteers: Contact the Local 4-H Club Leader or the 4-H Office at 385-7418.

Costs -$155

            Campers: - - includes 5 days and 4 nights, meals and lodging, activities and fun.

Transportation to and from camp NOT included.


4-H Outdoor, Science and Adventure Camp -

Merced County 4-H has had over 80 years of camping. * 

When: June 23-June 27, 2019

Campers: Age 9 as of January 1 to age 13

Staff: High school age, 9th grade and up to 19 years old - Camp Staff Application 2019

Cabin Leaders/Camp Directors: Volunteer 4-H Adult Leaders - Cabin leader position info

Where is 4-H Camp

Form - Camp Registration - 2018 Camp Sylvester - near Pinecrest and Dodge Ridge

  • Owners/operators: Stanislaus County Farm Bureau
  • Location: Pinecrest, Ca #1 Dodge Ridge Road (30 miles east of Sonora of HWY 108)
  • Elevation: Camp Sylvester is set on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an elevation of ~5,000 feet.
  • Buildings: Enclosed cabins, volley ball court, recreation building, showers, campfire area, and more. 

activities at Camp

Activities enjoyed at camp

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Meeting New Friends
  • Recreation and Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Experiencing ROPES course
  • Sunrise and/or other hikes
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Archery

History of Merced County Camps

1926 - Two ag Club encampments were held at Wawona, one for boys, and one for girls. (It appears this was the first annual camp). The State (4-H) Leader, County School Nurse and Home Demonstration Agent were present at camp. Ray Hume of Dos Palos was camp director.

1927 - 1928 Annual Club Camp in Yosemite Valley. The Home Department ladies were cooks and meals were served "army style". Excellent cooperation was received from Yosemite Park Service and one feature was that of campfire talks by rangers and nature study hikes by guides. Fee for camp was $3.50 per member.

1929 - Summer Camp was held at Pinecrest (Camp Sylvester was started about this time) Thecamp session was somewhat disturbed by the weather (rain) and they had to seek shelter in a nearby barn.

1930 - 1955 4-H camp was held at Camp No. 9 in Yosemite Valley (except in 1934 and 1948 due to concerns over Polio)

1956 - 1962 Camp Sylvester was selected as the new camp site as Yosemite no longer allowed group camping. Camp fee was $7.50. Jerry Lundell was hired as camp director for $150.00.

1963 - 1967 A five-year contract was signed to move 4-H Camp to Camp Green Meadows at Fish Camp. Cooking equipment from 4-H used as part of camp start up. Farm Advisors help build a cabin as part of effort for Camp Green Meadows.

1968 - 2007 Use of Camp Green Meadows became too expensive and 4-H camp was moved back to Camp Sylvester.

2008 - Due to damaged building and uncertain availability of Camp Sylvester a new site, Camp Pacifica, is selected for the 2008 4-H Camp. Because of fire and smoke hazards around Camp Pacifica, a last minute change was made to move camp to the safety of Camp Sylvester.

2009 - 2018 Camp Sylvester was chosen again with a new dining facility built to accommodate meal dining.

Coming this summer 2019 in late June Merced County 4-H Camp! Check it out starting in January 2019 for more info, dates and forms. 

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