Merced 4-H Youth Development
Merced 4-H Youth Development
Merced 4-H Youth Development
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Merced 4-H Youth Development

4-H Enrichment Programs

What is 4-H Enrichment?

4-H Enrichment programs work in cooperation with other agencies, programs, or youth groups.  The Enrichment programs usually are an extension of another program using 4-H materials, teens, or other resources. Collaborators include schools, fairs, and community groups.

Topics may include 4-H projects or special topics, like Ag Literacy, 4-H science programs SERIES and YES, 4-Health, and  others.....

Youth Nutrition Enrichment Program - FSNEP

The FSNEP, or Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program, is a program that fits into 4-H’s enrichment programs is being done in some select schools in the Westside. This program targets young people in teaching healthy eating habits, how to handle food safely and gardening activities.

This program offers activities in everything from creating space food to planting edible flowers. It also fits well into existing science, math and English lessons. If you are interested in being trained in this curriculum, or know teachers in the County who would be interested in this program , please call 385-7418.

How Do I Join Other 4-H Programs?

Youth in the appropriate grade levels who wish to participate in other 4-H activities or programs, like exhibits, communications day,  summer camp, etc. may do so by individually enrolling in 4-H.
Usually, youth join a local club or countywide group.  The fee for enrolling in 4-H is about $46.00 per year which includes accident insurance. Other costs may include program fees or individual project expenses.

Participants who are already members in a local 4-H club or group may take credit for this enrichment project as part of their other 4-H participation.

Backed By Experience

The Merced County Cooperative Extension 4-H Program has been working with youth in Merced County since 1917.  First starting with rural youth in raising animals and better home practices.  Today, 4-H is really more than you can image! Youth from cities, towns, and farms all participate in many different activities.

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