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Merced 4-H Youth Development
Merced 4-H Youth Development
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Merced 4-H Youth Development

4-H Science Engineering and Technology (SET)

4-H SET is the California Initiative promoting the national 4-H Science Mission.  Many of the regular 4-H project areas include science and related STEM activities.  In addition there are a number of special focused materials and programs for 4-H SET.

National Science Experiment - This is an annual experiment that is kicked off in the fall - 

4-H National Headquarters and National 4-H Council are pleased to reveal that the 2011 National Science Experiment is Wired for Wind, an in-depth look at renewable energy technologies in the form of wind-power. Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension program, this three-tiered experiment will help 4-H young people to enhance their science, engineering, technology and applied math skills by allowing them to:

  • Designing, building and testing two different wind turbine models 
  • Experimenting with variables by examining three different blade pitch angles to determine the effect of pitch on rotor speed 
  • Relating their scientific experiences back to their own lives by determining how their communities can harness the power of wind and create a more sustainable and clean energy system  
  • Youth will determine the best location for a wind farm in their state or local area by calculating wind power and studying wind data and maps 

Part of the national 4-H Robotics program was developed right here in Merced County!  see the Junk Drawer Robotics track of the new 4-H curriculum.

TechXcite Logo

TechXcite is an after-school engineering curriculum that is being developed at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering. This curriculum is being developed as part of a National Science Foundation sponsored program and will be utilized in 4-H supported after-school programs across the country. The TechXcite curriculum offers a rich and vibrant exploration of engineering, mathematics, science and technology and is centered on seven themes.

Merced County is one of 4 california counties helping to pilot the TechXcite materials in local clubs and countywide projects.  For more info contact he county UCCE/4-H office at 209 385-7418

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