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2020 State Archery Invitational Tournament

2020 California 4-H State Archery Tournament

University of California Cooperative Extension -Merced County                                                                            

Welcome to the 1st Annual State 4-H Archery Shooting Sports Tournament, sponsored by the Merced County 4-H Council and River Oaks Range – May 9th, 2020!

Entries for the State 4-H Archery Match must be postmarked by April 24, 2020.  The rules are below, and we rely upon the guidance of leaders and advisors in order to avoid confusion and problems.  Practicing before the start of the contest is encouraged. Practice and registration verification will be from 7am to 8:45am May 9th. Once the contest begins members will shoot only 18 arrows (6 ends of 3 arrows each) at each distance and ONLY score those 18 arrows.  This is an in-person tournament. Lunch is included in each entry fee and will be available to other attendees for $5.  Various archery and shooting sports vendors will also be present.   Dry camping or RV without hookups are available at no cost. Each competitor will receive one 80 cm FITA target per entry.  Registration verification and practice begins at 7am, competition starts at 9am.


DIVISIONS (by age, as of December 31, 2019):

Junior: 9-10 years of age        Intermediate: 11-13 years of age       Senior: 14-19 years of age


  1. Longbow - Fingers and wooden arrows only
  2. Recurve Bow - no sights   Fingers only, 60 lb. maximum draw weight, Any length stabilizers & torque compensators, No string peeps, No mechanical releases
  3. Recurve Bow - with sights; Fingers only, any number of sight pins, kisser buttons and clickers OK, 60 lb. maximum draw weight, any length stabilizers & torque compensators, no string peeps, no mechanical releases
  4. Compound- without sights  (including Genesis bows); Any bow that uses pulley, wheels or cams, fingers or mechanical releases, any length stabilizers & torque compensators, 60 lb. maximum draw weight
  5. Compound- with sights: any bow that uses pulley, wheels or cams, fingers or mechanical releases, any type of sight with any number of pins or optical sights, any length stabilizers & torque compensators, string peeps OK, 60 lb. maximum draw weight
  6. First Time Shooters - Only for first time shooters, all ages and all categories will shoot at 10 yards only. Rules and scoring will be the same as the rest of the match. A First Time Shooter is defined as a 4-H participant who is new to the sport of archery. Participants who have had previous experience or instruction in archery (4-H, professional, scholastic, parental, etc.) are not considered “beginners” in the sport and will NOT compete as First Time Shooters. 
  7. Leaders – For registered 4-H Archery Leaders only. Leaders must be registered by Jan. 1, 2020

**** Leaders will be responsible for the correct classification of all archers in their clubs. Incorrect classifications may result in disqualification. The tournament will be an A/B format using whistle commands only. Please prepare 4-H youth for this type of commands. Please contact the Host Club with any questions **** Email: Vicky Wik CCL Weaver 4-H


  1. Arrows may not be larger than 23/64ths in diameter for both traditional and compound categories.
  2. Full color FITA targets, 80cm faces, will be used for the competition.
  3. Scoring is 10 points to 1 point from the center outward. Ties will be decided by number of “X's”.
  4. The shooting distances for Junior are: 10, 20, and 30 yards for each category.
  5. The shooting distances for Intermediate are: 20, 30, and 40 yards for each category.
  6. The shooting distances for Senior are: 30, 40, and 50 yards for each category.
  7. The shooting distance for Leaders is 50 yards for each category. Leaders shoot 6 ends of 3 arrows each.
  8. For each category, the participant will shoot 6 ends of 3 arrows each, (ie: 2 x 3 arrows at each distance).
  9. A member may enter a maximum of 3 categories and will shoot the 3 distances required per category. Distances outside of the archer's Division (age group) will not count for awards.
  10. The entry fee is $10.00 for each category and includes lunch. Additional categories will be $5 each and are limited to 2 additional for 3 total category entries. Lunch will be available for parents for a $5.00 fee.
  11. All entries must be verified by the county 4-H staff that participants are currently enrolled in 4-H archery. Leaders must be UCCE certified to be eligible.
  12. Entry fees may be paid ONLY by a check from the local 4-H council.
  13. Make checks payable to Merced County 4-H. Mail entries and one council check to;

 Merced County 4H, 2145 Wardrobe Avenue, Merced, CA 95341

Attn:  4-H Archery Tournament       postmarked by April 24, 2020.

  1. Late entries will be reviewed and accepted ONLY in extenuating circumstances. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after May 1st, 2020.
  2. Once the tournament has begun, only the targets scored during the tournament will be counted. This means that members will only shoot 18 arrows; 2 ends of 3 arrows each at each distance, for a total of 6 ends of 3 arrows each, and score only those 18 arrows.
  3. After score cards are verified, the results and prizes will be distributed at the tournament. Any unclaimed prizes will be sent through the UCCE offices. 




First Time Shooters will compete only against each other by Division (age) and Category. 

 The top 3 scores in each division/category will receive medals/pins.  1St Gold, 2nd Silver, 3rd Bronze

Various prizes in addition to 1-3 place medals will be awarded as available.

Participation certificates will be awarded to ALL shooters who have competed.

Leaders may shoot in any/all categories at 50 yards, but only 3 category’s total.  Entry fees are the same for leaders as for 4-H participants.   Leaders will receive 1st through 3rd place will receive a certificate.

Certificate Awarded:

Hot Shot/ Outstanding Archer – awarded to the archer with the highest total score in the 2020 Tournament .  Archers must shoot all three distances for their respective age group to be eligible for this award.  Each category/style (compound, recurve, etc.), any archer shoots will be counted as a separate entry into the Hot Shot competition.


Awards will be mailed to the participating UCCE office by August 31, 2020 if they were unclaimed during the event.   

For questions regarding payments or entry procedures please contact  Darlene McIntyre  - UCCE Merced County  (209) 385-7418

For questions regarding rules, targets, scoring, awards, etc. please contact Vicky Wik (209) 761-5939  Email:




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