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Merced 4-H Youth Development


The 4-H Team

Merced County 4-H Youth Development Program

The following UC staff and county employees are here to assist you. Some of our staff are part time and funded by grants for special projects. If you have a question give us a call at (209) 385-7418 or email one of us below.

4-H Youth Development Staff

Darlene McIntyre
4-H Program Representative

Darlene 1

Darlene is a 4-H alumni from Oregon and has served as a 4-H Project leader in the McSwain 4-H Club.  She began her role as Program Representative in October 2010.

Alexxis Rudich 
4-H Secretary


Alexxis is a 4-H alumni of the Ballico-Cressey 4-H club.  She currently serves on the 4-H Camp Committee and leads a sheep project. Alexxis started as the 4-H Student Assistant in 2015. Her current position includes a partnership with HSA and getting Foster Youth involved in 4-H. 

Beth Smith

Beth is a 4-H alumni and volunteer Leader for over 30 years.  She assists the 4-H Sponsoring Committee in planning and accounting for fund raising and support.  Beth also assists with Management Team accounting.

Jose Campos 
4-H Program Representative
Latino Community Outreach 


Russell Hill
4-H Youth Development Advisor


  Please Contact any one of us at the
Merced County Office
University of California
Cooperative Extension
2145 Wardrobe Avenue
Merced, CA 95341

(209) 385-7418 fax (209) 722-8856
web: (you are here) 

4-H Management Team

The Merced County 4-H Management Team is made up of staff, volunteers and teens.  The Team consists of three boards, educational, promotional, and resource.

Educational Resource Board

  • Large Animals-Carole Dietz
  • Small Animals-Samantha Downey
  • Home & Leisure-Louise Farley
  • Leadership-Ka Xiong
  • Shooting Sports- Dave Givens
  • Science/Technology-Richard Mahacek
  • Social Science-Louise King

Promotional Board

  • Advocacy
  • Delivery-Darlene McIntyre
  • Evaluation
  • Expansion & Review
  • Visibility
  • Camp-Kim Heyer

Resource Board

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Fundraising-Juanita Pedrozo
  • Incentives-Laurie Bazan
  • Personnel
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