Merced 4-H Youth Development
Merced 4-H Youth Development
Merced 4-H Youth Development
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Merced 4-H Youth Development

Older youth opportunities

Senior 4-H Member Opportunities

 County Level
Hi 4-H (not currently active)
Who: 8th grade and older
When: Once per month
What: Social activities, learn techniques, develop skills, gain information that will help you to be a better leader. This group is meant to be a resource for older members.
Jr./Teen Leader
Provide leadership for club or project level. Assist in leading a project, help new members, work with members on demonstrations, do club promotion, or other ideas. Planning and report forms available at state 4-H reports.
Emerald Star
Opportunity for 8th grade/14 years and older to plan and implement a project. Based on a leadership plan developed by the member and approved by the county Emerald Star Advisor. For application and further details call the 4-H office at 209-385-7418.
Must be in the 9th grade to apply. Includes a plan of leadership to be designed and followed through. Applications are due in May. All-Stars selected in the spring and attend the State Leadership Conference the following summer. All-Stars serve in various capacities during the following year. For application and further details call the 4-H office at 209-385-7418.
Camp Staff
Where: Camp will be held at Camp Sylvester
When: End of June, beginning of July
Who: 9th grade graduates (by camp) and older
When: applications and interviews are held in early-March
Trainings, meetings follow each month with several held in June. Camp staff is housed in cabins (2 or so per cabin) with members. Camp staff leads sessions and directs activities, educational sessions, campfire, canoeing, and other camp programs. Adult chaperones are housed in cabins with the members and are support to the camp staff and supervise campers. For application and further details visit or call the 4-H office at 209-385-7418.
Other Opportunities
Teen Presenters
There are opportunities for teens to be teachers of younger youth. The junior and teen leader roles in club and projects are examples. Other roles are the teens in the 4-H SERIES, SET and YES programs. Both of these programs are geared to presenting in an inquiry method. That is one of asking questions and letting the kids explore in finding the answers.
Science Experiences and Resources for Informal Educational Settings contains topics to present to 4-6 grade level. Some topics are Chemicals Are Us, Ridges to Rivers, It Came From Planted Earth, and Oak Woodland Wildlife.
County Tech Team (not currently active)
The 4-H Tech Team has a wide range of interest tracks from web to robots, from computers to GPS, and more.  You can select the tracks that interest you the most for your main focus: Web page design and maintenance, Computer Applications, Computer Maintenance, Digital Photography, GIS / GPS, Science and Technology Center / Robotics.

 Board Positions    
Teens with an interest in the guidance of Merced County 4-H Program areas are encouraged to apply for board positions. Board positions include promotion, small and large animal science, advocacy, evaluation, plant science, social science, leadership, science and technology, and others. Check with the 4-H office on current vacancies. 

Citizenship Focus Programs
Merced Focus
Held in late July or Early August
Previous themes – Literacy, Recycling, Land Use, Government, Leadership, Communications
Age: 8th grade and older
California Focus
Registration Deadline: February 1. Second or third weekend in June; 5 days; Sacramento
Minimum Age: High School, Youth Fee: ~$420.00
       A unique citizenship educational experience that combines hands-on participation in workshops, debates, and simulations with outstanding speakers and visits to historical, cultural, and governmental sites at the state level.

Washington Focus
Minimum Age: 16 years old, Youth Fee: ~$1400.00 to $2000.00
       A unique citizenship educational experience that combines hands-on participation in workshops, debates, and simulations with speakers and visits to historical, cultural, and governmental sites at the federal level.
       Programs include visits to Washington DC, Gettysburg, New York City, Philadelphia or Williamsburg.

Information for California and Washington Focus: Pat English at pnenglish@ucdavis.edu
or 530-754-8520 or
Leadership Conferences
Central Youth Summit – Leadership Conference of Regional Teens
When: Last Weekend in January
Where: Wonder Valley Ranch, Sanger, California.
Age: 6th, 7th, 8th graders
Cost: -$150 plus transportation
Activities are planned and lead by 4-H All-Stars from the south-central region.
       The conference focuses on creating recommendations to help improve the National 4-H Program.
       Delegates network with 4-H members and volunteers from across the country.
4-H State Leadership Conference
Registration Deadline: June 25. Second weekend in August; 3 days; UC Campus

Minimum Age: High School, Youth Fee: ~$250.00
      To provide youth with leadership and service skills, peer and adult networks, encouragement, and opportunities necessary to improve their well-being, and that of their family and community.
      Delegates learn in five workshops, listening to keynote speakers, and meeting new people!
State Level
       Plan the Youth Leadership Summit and 4-H State Leadership Conference
       Complete a Statewide Service Project
       Represent 4-H Youth Development at all levels and to other organizations.

State 4-H Tech Team
       Keep statewide 4-H website ( updated
       Train members and leaders in the use of technology
       Create other ways to integrate technology into projects and clubs.

International Exchanges       
The 4-H Japanese Exchange Program operates throughout the United States to give 4-H members the opportunity to travel to Japan or host a Japanese youth in their homes.  Through this program, young people are able to learn, appreciate, and understand their own culture as well as the Japanese culture.
Information: Pat English at  or 530-754-8520 or
Application Deadline: Varies: March through August. Minimum Age: Most awards are 14 years old

The California 4-H Foundation Board of Directors (Youth Member)
Application Deadline: May 31
Term: One year (optional second year), July to June; Travel and other costs covered
       Participate in Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings as assigned, and Foundation events.
       Accompany Foundation staff and board members on visits to current and prospective donors
Information: Contact the State 4-H Office at 530-757-8740
Webmaster Email: